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Meilah 6b - zerikah mo'ilah l'yotzei

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1Meilah 6b - zerikah mo'ilah l'yotzei Empty Meilah 6b - zerikah mo'ilah l'yotzei on Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:33 am

The mishnah on 6b says that according to Rabbi Akiva, the zerikah helps for (basar) that was yotzei to take off meilah and other consequences. Tosefos d"h basar at the end says that this din is only for posul of yotzei, but for other more severe p'sulim, zerikah would not work. They say on this that "יש בזבחים"; I don't know if that is a source for their claim or where to find it; does anyone know? They bring no other evidence.

One interesting place to look is Zevachim 89b at the bottom, which begins with a machlokes R' Yochanon and Reish Lakish whether yotzei pasuls kodashim kalim at all, certainly for the basar and maybe even for the אימורים. Our mishnah is brought as evidence; turns out it will depend on whether our mishnah is talking about where the בשר was brought back inside before the zerikah or not.
This will be very relevant to a confusing set of Rashis on the mishnah here,
בשר קדשי קדשים שיצא כו' ואח"כ נכנס ושוב נזרק הדם. ר"ע אומר - אפילו לא חזר והכניסן
I don't know where Rashi is coming from, making it a double machlokes, especially since the gemara is Zevachim seems to take sides.

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