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Meilah - lo nehenin v'lo moalin

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1Meilah - lo nehenin v'lo moalin Empty Meilah - lo nehenin v'lo moalin on Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:59 am

I am having a real hard time getting a handle on the various opinions on לא נהנין ולא מועלין: "assur to get benefit but no din of me'ilah", found in many different places (40 appearances in Shas). It may mean different things in different places; for instance on Me'ilah 3a the gemara seems to say clearly that it is not me'ilah d'rabanon, whereas in Avodah Zarah 42b it seems to say clearly that it is (R' Akiva Eiger).
This may be connected with some other issues, such as
Is there me'ilah d'rabanon?
Is there an issue of benefit for consecrated objects that is less than me'ilah d'rabanon - you're not allowed but you don't have to repay?
Are there cases of issur hana'ah d'oraysa because of me'ilah, even though there is no me'ilah mid'oraysa?
I'm trying to get some of the opinions straight, but it's scattered everywhere. Any suggestions?

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