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Eruvin 57a - karpeif and chatzer hamishkan

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1 Eruvin 57a - karpeif and chatzer hamishkan on Wed May 08, 2013 1:01 am

When Rashi discusses the "karpeif for a city", the 70 2/3+ amos around a city before you start counting the techum, he says it is learned from the chatzeir of the mishkan. See 23b for a similar limud for the size of the regular karpeif for the law of beis sa'asayim, the biggest enclosed area you can carry in without it needing to be mukaf l'dirah.

Question: I understand how one learns on 23b from the chatzeir of the mishkan. It's the same area as the 50x100 amos of the mishkan, just reshaped into a square. Or any equivalent area.
But how does that apply at all to the "karpeif" around a city? It's not that area at all, it's a strip which happens to be exactly the same width as a square karpeif - but much longer. How can the width be learned out? Do we somehow look at the karpeif of a city as being a bunch of karpeif-sized squares stuck together end to end?

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