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Zevachim 60a - Tosefos on Tzuras Hapesach

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1Zevachim 60a - Tosefos on Tzuras Hapesach Empty Zevachim 60a - Tosefos on Tzuras Hapesach on Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:19 am

Tzuras Hapesach in the Mishkan
(also cross-posted in Eruvin)

Tos Eruv 2b, ד"ה ואיבעית אימא (also Tos Zevachim 60a), asked why the gemara there is trying to learn the dimensions of a פתח from the chatzer hamishkan - how could it when the opening to the chatzer (where the מסך was) had a tzuras hapesach because of the כלונסות that were on top of the vavim?
Most pictures of the chatzer (see the English Artscroll Chumash for an example) show the מסך as offset some distance forward (east) of the rest of the enclosure and the two כתפיים, the fifteen amah “shoulders” on the two sides of the מסך. People entering the chatzer would go through the gap from the offset.
If so, probably the מסך was held down with מיתרים like the rest of the enclosure, immovable, and counted as a full-fledged mechitzah. It must have been far enough forward that the rest of the chatzer was considered independent, so that the gemara could talk about the 20 amah gap in the enclosure as being open.
But if that were true, it would seem that Tosefos would have no reason to assume that the gap in the enclosure had כלונסות above it for a צוה"פ - why should it?

Rather, Tosefos must hold like those who say (see רא"מ and גור אריה) that the מסך was a direct continuation of the כתפיים on the two sides. The enclosure was an unbroken 50x100 rectangle. And how did people get in? The מסך was not attached at the bottom and could be pushed aside for people to get in. - And as such, it didn’t count as a mechitzah at all, unless 20 amos is not too wide (gemara) or there was a צוה"פ above (Tosefos).

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