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Eruvin 77a - mechitzos m'giyos l'tikrah

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1Eruvin 77a - mechitzos m'giyos l'tikrah Empty Eruvin 77a - mechitzos m'giyos l'tikrah on Thu May 23, 2013 2:28 pm

This sugya seems to be unsure how good a mechitzah you need to divide groups within a large building. The range of choices is very broad, from m'sifas b'alma (a very low barrier) to regular mechitzah of 10 tefachim to m'giyos l'tikrah (the mechitzos must actually reach the ceiling). And in fact we poskin like that last choice; mechitzos of ten tefachim don't divide.

While I can hear that each of these might work, I don't understand why this sugya is different from everywhere else in Eruvin. We have dozens of different situations, each of which has its own features - and I can't (offhand) think of anywhere else where we even entertained the possibility that a mechitzah is anything but 10 tefachim. Why here do we suddenly think that all the rules for mechitzos go off? Or are there other similar sugyos that I am forgetting?

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