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Yoma 3a - Musaf and Chovas Hayom

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1 Yoma 3a - Musaf and Chovas Hayom on Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:05 pm

My chaver R' Pesach S. brought up this issue.
This is according to Rashi [see the Ritva who asks on Rashi, but doesn't ask this question.]
The gemara suggests that Shavuos is the time of מפרישין instead of Yom Kippur. It answers, no, Yom Kippur, like the Miluim, had פר אחד ואיל אחד (Rashi: Musaf for Yom Kippur); Shavuos has שני אילים.
Asks the gemara, that's fine if you hold that the איל of Musaf on Yom Kippur (P' Pinchas) is the same as the איל of P' Acharei Mos. But if you hold that they are different, what then? Answers the gemara, one is חובת היום and one is מוספים (Rashi: Musaf is actually only the ones where it is written מלבד עולת הבפר); for Shavuos both are חובת היום. Rashi: And the חובת היום of the Miluim was one איל.

So in the ה"א, either type qualifies as Musaf (which is why the gemara can think that a Musaf can be compared to the Miluim in the first place, and also why it has a problem if Yom Kippur has two quasi-"musafim".) But if so, what is it saying about Shavuos in the ה"א that it has two אילים? As Tosefos mentions, Shavuos has two sets of special korbonos: two פרים and one איל for Musaf (Pinchas), and the reverse, one פר and two אילים, to go with the שתי הלחם (Emor). We should add them together, and ask that there are three אילים!

I looked around, including in Artscroll, and didn't find anywhere that even mentioned the issue.

I guess one approach is to say that we originally were only looking at the special "חובת היום" korbonos, which are in Acharei Mos for Yom Kippur and Emor for Shavuos. We didn't pay attention to Pinchas, even though we were thinking of them all as "musafim" (in Rashi). But when the gemara brings up Pinchas, indeed, Yom Kippur will be in trouble and Shavuos will be in more of the same trouble (3 instead of 2). Then the gemara catches itself and says, no, those over there don't count: the ones from Miluim weren't those hard-core "musafim" types, so leave them out.

A little wilder possibility: Tosefos ד"ה הוא mentions the gemara in Menachos 45b, which notes that the Shavuos korbonos of musaf and chovas hayom are entirely independent lists. Well, it isn't that simple over there. There are a couple of ה"א's, including one where they are the same korbonos, and you could bring whichever way you want, 1 cow and 2 rams, or 2 and 1 instead! I'm wondering if that (or something like it) might help in the ה"א here for Shavuos, which after all is like the one who holds that the lists for Yom Kippur in the two places are the same.

Anyhow, if anyone comes up with an answer I'd like to hear it.

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