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Yoma 17b - Half to Aharon

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1 Yoma 17b - Half to Aharon on Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:12 pm

The gemara says that the kohein gadol is allowed to take up to half the korbonos (slightly less than half according to the Chachamim) as his portion. That means that he can take six of the לחם הפנים, one of the שתי החלם, and pretty much any regular חטאת or אשם he wants (אשם זה אני אוכל). (I'm assuming he can only take the cohanim's portions; the gemara only mentions חטאת and אשם, not שלמים for instance.)

Is he allowed to give away what he takes to other cohanim? He is taking an enormous amount of food! Each one of the six lechem hapanim is two esronim (Vayikra 24(5)) - that's twice shiur challah, maybe 8 pounds of flour. Is he really taking an entire אשם - that's a ram? [The gemara says it isn't derech eretz to give him just a piece of a loaf; does that apply to animals as well, or are the נתחים (pieces) choshuv in their own right?]

If he can give some of what he takes away to others, none of this is a problem. But his words were, אשם זה אני אוכל - I'm going to eat it.

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