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Yoma 26b - Two gezirei eitzim

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1 Yoma 26b - Two gezirei eitzim on Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:46 pm

The mishnah says that in the afternoon, two gezirei etzim are part of the process of the tamid. (The gemara will explain why you need two cohanim, unlike the morning where one cohen brings both.)
But the mishnah doesn't say that in the morning we count one cohen for the gezirei eitzim, it leaves it off the list entirely.
I'd guess the reason is obvious: Rashi says our lists start from the aivarim of the tamid and onward; in the morning the sh'nei gezirei eitzim are much earlier in the process (see 33a for the list).
The gemara 34a will say that there is a change in the order of korbonos from morning to afternoon in terms of when the ketores is brought. But it doesn't mention this change; maybe there are many of them.
I know that the Rambam makes a simple blanket statement that we do in the afternoon what we did in the morning, and the mefarshim point out that we know already of exceptions.

R' Shlomo Wiener gave a chaburah on whether you divide the neiros of the afternoon into five and two as you do in the morning; it seems to be a machlokes rishonim. According to the gemara 33b, we know of two reasons in the morning: (1) "to get the whole azarah excited", and (2) because of a verse בבקר בבקר. The second reason at least might not apply in the afternoon.

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2 Re: Yoma 26b - Two gezirei eitzim on Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:52 pm

By the way, there's a pretty unreadable Rashi on 27b explaining why the שני גזירי עצים have a takkanah if you would do them before dawn
 דאית להו תקנתא כו' אבל סידר גזירין סידורו בקרקע העזרה משהאיר המזרח כו' עכ"ל
which translates something like, "but the arrangement of the גזירים is on the floor of the azarah, from when the east lights up..." I couldn't understand it: don't the gezirim go onto the mizbeach? Eventually someone showed me the רש"ש who changes the girsa a lot, to "the arrangement of the גזירים is when the east lights up, as seen from the floor of the azarah..."
I'd still like to understand why Rashi is mentioning that. Also, I don't know why there is a "takkanah" if they were put on the mizbeach, that you can pull them back off. What if they burned first, even some? Not following too well.

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