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Yoma 35A-35B Clothes more in afternoon than morning

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The gemara on 35A concludes that morning clothes are more expensive. The Gemara on 35B talk about how expensive afternoon clothes were. Am I supposed to aassume morning clothes are even more expensive?

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I'm assuming that you're referring to how Rashi explains עבודת יחיד as the second entrance of the cohen gadol to remove the כף ומחתה. (But see the Rambam, who understands that none of this has to do with Yom Kippur.) So you're making an interesting point: Apparently private individuals can only buy the clothing (and turn it over to the tzibbur) for the second entrance, but not for the first. As it says in the b'raisa,
אחר שכלתה עבודת ציבור, כהן שעשתה לו אמו כתונת לובשה ועובד בה עבודת יחיד, ובלבד שימסרנה לציבור
Sounds like for the first entrance (which Rashi would call עבודת ציבור) this would not be allowed.
So I'm having trouble reading the mishnah:
אלו משל ציבור, ואם רצה להוסיף ־ מוסיף משלו
which sounds like it applies to both.
Haven't had a chance to look at the mefarshim; maybe you did?

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I understood ואם רצה להוסיף ־ מוסיף משלו
that the Kohen is adding his own money to the tzibur funds to make a tzibur beged for the tzibbur as opposed to the garment made by his mother, which was made for an individual and then turned over to the tzibbur.

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Interesting. So the beraisa is not explaining the mishnah. Why do you say this? I mean, aside from your kashya.

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I thought that was Pashut Peshat in the mishna. I had not even thought of your diyuk in the braisa until you mentioned it. I agree with your diyuk, but I thought it meant clothes made for an individual

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