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Beitzah 38b - Yochal halah v'chadi

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1Beitzah 38b - Yochal halah v'chadi Empty Beitzah 38b - Yochal halah v'chadi on Fri May 30, 2014 10:31 am

I think this is one of the hardest sugyos in Shas. It seems to equal tak'fah cohen (in my opinion) in the difficulty of following the steps; like tak'fah cohen, most steps don't connect in an obvious way.
Just a couple of questions, though I had many:
1) When R' Aba makes aliyah, he prays that his words should be accepted, and (according to Rashi) that he not be humiliated. Instead, he does get humiliated, and when he complains gets humiliated more. Since when is an amora's prayer (or anyone's prayer) thrown back in his face like this? [someone told me that the Chasam Sofer explains that you're not supposed to pray for this. if you want to learn Torah, you take whatever comes to you on the way.]
2) After they laughed at him, he asked, "Did I take your גולתיכו?", which Rashi says means a fine shift that you wear under the talis, and when you sit you remove the talis and it is visible. What's with this question? On a simple level or a deeper level, what sense does it make to suggest that if he had taken their garment, then he would understand their laughing at him?
3) Rav Safra quotes Rav Chisda with an halacha about neveilah getting mixed in with kosher meat, when is one botul in the other. Then he asks, doesn't this imply that the din would be true even if the two had different owners? I don't know why he would think so, and I don't know why he brought this very obscure case, instead of any case at all of bitul. (The Maharsha asks something like this, but I don't understand his answer.) This step seems to add no new information at all.

I could use all the help I can get on this one! Years ago, I asked a very big talmid chacham about this sugya, and he told me, "Inscrutable!" - and that was the end of the discussion.

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