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Yoma 56b - color of blood of par and se'ir

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1 Yoma 56b - color of blood of par and se'ir on Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:52 am

The gemara says that we wouldn't normally expect anyone to confuse the blood of the se'ir from the blood of the par, האי חיור והאי סומק (this is white and this is red). I certainly imagine both are red, but the par's is redder [though Rashi seems to be trying to prove that it is red at all, by bringing the mishnah that reddish gold was used on Yom Kippur, of the type called "par gold". צ"ע]

There's a later gemara in Yoma 82b, that learns out the din of יהרג ולא יעבור for murder by a סברא: who says your blood is redder than his? I'd like to know what that means, if it isn't just sarcastic; how does the redness of the blood correspond to the obvious intended meaning of each person's intrinsic worth?

But my son pointed out to me a third source on the subject: Yosef's brothers dipped his coat in goat's blood in order to convince their father that he was dead. Goat's blood must resemble human blood (which of course we do know is red). So then human blood is less red than cow blood!

I guess the upshot is that I don't really understand the moshul of the second source.

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Rabbi Tzvi Berkowitz shlit"a pointed me to the Yad Ramah on Sanhedrin, who understands "who says your blood is redder than his?" as referring to the health and vitality of the two people.

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