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Yoma 67a - Gavriel and the Cohen Gadol

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1Yoma 67a - Gavriel and the Cohen Gadol Empty Yoma 67a - Gavriel and the Cohen Gadol on Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:45 am

Here there is a long, difficult agadata about the destruction of the Yerushalayim as described in Yechezkel, and what happened to the Malach Gavriel and to Daniel. I noticed a number of things that reminded me of the Cohen Gadol on Yom Kippur; I wonder if someone could make sense of them.
1) Gavriel is described as לבוש הבדים, wearing white linen.
2) He takes מלא חפניו, a double handful of coals, not ketores; he will use it to destroy the city.
3) He takes them from בינות הכרובים, among the keruvim. (The Cohen Gadol puts the ketores between the keruvim that are on the ark.)
4) Gavriel in the story was cast out from "behind the pargod". Pargod (the heavenly curtain?) seems to be the same word as paroches; כ and ג interchange, and so do ת and ד. Only he's going from within the curtain to without.
5) Someone brings him the coals, just as someone brought out the ketores to the Cohen Gadol. Here he is criticized for it, but it saved Klal Yisroel because the coals weren't full strength. [Turning it around, I'm also wondering if this relates to the tzeddukim, who put the ketores on the fire outside, before they went inside. They were struck down by a malach, just as Gavriel was whipped with fire.]
6) Gavriel praises Israel (the wives of talmidei chachamim, for some reason) לידידו שינה, who arouse themselves from sleep. The cohen gadol on Yom Kippur also needed to be aroused from sleep.
Everything is backwards; their sin was turning backwards to the heichal Hashem.

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