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Horoyos perek 1 - Shiur by HR Yosef Berger: why isn't par he'elem davar an oness?

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1) Shvus Yaakov: A rav poskins wrong, shaliach destroys someone's "treif" food, turns out it's fine. Is shaliach chayav for destroying it (directly - the rav who did it indirectly is certainly not chayav.)
He brings Teshuvas Rashba, who brings the case of Michal who was married to another by mistaken judgment from beis din of Shaul - oness, and mutar to David. So this case is oness as well.
2) Taz: what about par he'elem davar? Following a mistaken p'sak is not called an oness. And if it was a yachid who did it, we hold he brings a regular korban chatas. Seems it's not an oness.
3) Chida: Rashba didn't mean really oness, he meant shogeg (which will also not forbid to her husband).
But that will be hard for the Shvus Yaakov, shogeg won't help.
4) Noda b'Yehuda, Nesivos: you have to follow beis din, left hand or right... There is no bigger oness!
Meshamesh nidah shelo b'sh'as vest - that's an oness and they are patur from a korbon. Answers Nb"Y, witnesses that turned out not true, or p'sak that ends up wrong - that's not real edus and not a real p'sak. There's nothing to rely on anymore. But relying on a rov or chazakah, that remains true even if it didn't help this couple - that's an oness.
5) Rav Weinberg answers that korbonos are different. The person is an oness for everything else, מאי הוה ליה למעבד for sure, but the rules are different for korbonos. Tinok shenishba is such an example; it's hard to see what he could have done, and he's still chayav. The only case of patur from a korbon is like the meshamesh nidah shelo b'sh'as vest, where there is absolutely nothing that could have been done differently.

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See the lashon of the Rambam, Sh'gagos 5(6):
הבא על אשתו שלא בשעת וסתה וראתה דם בשעת התשמיש, הרי אלו פטורין מקרבן חטאת מפני שזה כאנוס הוא ולא שוגג, שהשוגג היה לו לבדוק ולדקדק ואילו בדק יפה יפה ודקדק בשאלות לא היה בא לידי שגגה ולפי שלא טרח בדרישה ובחקירה ואחר כך יעשה צריך כפרה, אבל זה מה לו לעשות הרי טהורה היתה ושלא בשעת וסתה בעל אין זה אלא אונס

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