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Eruvin 38a - Kedushah achas or Shtei kedushos

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1Eruvin 38a - Kedushah achas or Shtei kedushos Empty Eruvin 38a - Kedushah achas or Shtei kedushos on Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:28 am

Another topic coming up in Daf Yomi (starting around 38a) is the question of whether two days of yamim tovim/Shabbos/Rosh Hashana are one kedusha or two. The difference it makes is whether one eiruv covers both, or whether you need to make a separate eiruv for each day. There's an extensive discussion in the gemara (and poskim) covering several blatt, but one thing I didn't see discussed: What are they arguing about? Why should it be one connected single kedusha, or not? Is there any source, or is it just traditions on how the rabbanon originally made their takanos? Do the chachmei hagemara know which is the sevara p'sutah, the simpler understanding?

One thing they do agree on on 38a is that a single Shabbos is definitely one kedusha. You can't make an eiruv for half the day, then another for the rest. The gemara doesn't explain that either, but I would think that it's a posuk:
אל יצא איש ממקומו ביום השבת - Let no man leave his place on Shabbos. Surely that idea would be defeated if I could, for instance, create a moving techum that follows me on the road all day. Stay in one place.

Anyone, I hope someone will explain to me the issues in the sugyos here.

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