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Yoma 5a - Sh'yarei mitzvah (Sukkah 38a)

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1 Yoma 5a - Sh'yarei mitzvah (Sukkah 38a) on Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:04 pm

The gemara here on 5a is discussing certain mitzvos which are not מעכב the korbon, such as semicha and tenufah. They have a common presentation in two beraisas, like this: "Why does the verse mention kaparah for semicha - kaparah comes from (applying) the blood!... It teaches that if you make semicha "שירי מצוה" (Rashi: that is, he doesn't bother to respect it, and didn't do it), it's almost as if he didn't get kaparah."
The beraisa for tenufah is almost identical.
One gets the impression that שירי מצוה are not very choshuv, and you shouldn't make mitzvos into that.

In interesting counterpoint, see the gemara in Sukkah 38a:
"שירי מצוה block punishment. For tenufah is שירי מצוה, and it prevents harmful winds and dews." (Rashi: שירי מצוה, a mitzvah...that isn't מעכב for kaparah; even so it is choshuv for blocking punishment.)
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